Everything works better when it’s unplugged for a few moments. This includes you.



Yeah sure, but while I’m “unplugging” who’s going to put food on the table, write that report, update my status, publish that post, screen my calls, check my emails, study for the stats. exam, change the baby, watch endless episodes of House of Cards, cook dinner, feed the dog, walk the dog, train for the half-marathon (with the dog), sweep, vacuum, mop, do the dishes, do the laundry, solve the missing sock mystery and just generally hold the fort in the rare event that, you know, The Apocalypse happens?


Greater awareness achieved through consistent meditation practice will change your perception towards your thoughts, feelings and your life. How? Well, having a clear understanding of what is actually happening, in real time and in the real world (your immediate world) will allow you to create your most truly desired outcomes. This isn’t just a pile of woo woo hippy stuff either people! Several peer reviewed articles published in reputable journals have shown that higher states of awareness are a result of several pathways in the brain working together optimally, especially pathways within a section of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. Neuroscientists have demonstrated via specialised brain scan imagery that ones prefrontal cortex is indeed more active during a meditative state. (read all about it here and here and here)

But why should any of this encourage you to ditch fretting about the end of the world, “unplug” for 10-20 minutes a day, and simply start meditating instead? Because the prefrontal cortex is largely responsible for will power, self-control, planning, complex behaviors, personal expression, judgments and flexible social behavior. Basically, when the functionality of the prefrontal cortex is enhanced, it gives you the ability; the INSIGHT required when making distinctions between random thoughts. When gently and consistently ushered away from the virtual reality tour of endless ‘what if’s’ and ‘but how’s, the mind is able to put hopes for the future into perspective. It will also bounce back from setbacks quickly, and it will hold back urges that do not serve you well. From this vantage point, your mind can get on with the task of getting you closer to whatever it is that your deepest heartfelt desire is. Simple.


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