“Stress reduction and practicing mindfulness will make you a happier and healthier person. There’s no doubt about this. What is surprising though, is how some people don’t recognise that being happier and healthier gives them a clear competitive advantage.”

– Golnar Luzza, Founder of The Nurtured Mind.

Relaxed young yoga woman in yoga pose near pool. Yoga Concept.

Think of all the of the simple activities that you already engage in on a daily basis – basic activities such as brushing your teeth, getting dressed, commuting to work, waiting in line at the coffee shop and supermarket, waiting for your computer to load, and so on. These are actives we often label as “down time” or even “wastes of time”.

Now imagine there was a tool that could help you  transform those activities into some of the most productive moments in your day, while also increasing your overall mood and sense of happiness. Cutting-edge research suggests that you can do just that, and when practiced correctly, the “side effects” include only positive things such as increased vitality, enthusiasm and improvement of your physical health.

The tool to which we are referring is the practice of mindfulness and meditation, and there are countless articles supporting the premise that regular practice can lead to better health related benefits for your mind and body.

At The Nurtured Mind, we encourage students to explore a variety of different meditations, allowing them to feel which style is best suited to their individual needs.

Many people think they can’t meditate. The fact is, that they most certainly can. They just need to be shown how. For more on this, you might find this article helpful.

Learning to meditate with us is a lot like learning to ride a bike. You come to us, and we start off holding you up and cheering you on. Then we gently remove the training wheels and the journey becomes your own.

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