Meditation For Mothers

We wholeheartedly believe that children are precious beyond measure.

That’s why we nurture their mothers.

The Nurtured Mind is committed to helping mothers find the calm and inner resilience needed for them to enjoy a positive parenting experience.

Your overall sense of happiness as a mother undoubtedly affects your children’s happiness and development. Taking some well deserved time-out to look after yourself is paramount to raising healthy, well adjusted children.

What happens in a 60 minute session?
Usually, when mothers arrive at a meditation class, they have been rushing around all day. So we never meditate until we have let go of tension and relaxed the mind and the body.

In this class, we start by very gently stretching the physical body. These are various exercises that are designed to release physical tension and help the body wake up and relax. All of this is adaptable to any level of physical ability.

We’ll often follow this with a guided deep relaxation exercise. You will be invited you to lie down, unwind and recharge. We provide 10mm thick yoga mats, crisp white linen, pillows, bolsters, blankets and a big fluffy doona to help mum feel pampered and completely at ease.

Participants are then asked to take a seat on a recliner chair, pop their feet up and rest their mind and body even further by simply listening to a guided meditation that has been tailored to suit their needs best.

Finally, to help facilitate at home practice, all participants receive MP3 audio recordings to listen to at their leisure. These are relaxing, guided meditation recordings  that are recorded exclusively for The Nurtured Mind.

Our classes aim to:

+ Release your mind from stress, anxiety and guilt.

+ Help you find peace of mind and confidence.

+ Enable mothers to create stronger, connected relationships with their children.

60 minute class: $100

Isn’t it about time you gave yourself a little TLC?

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