Corporate Services

At The Nurtured Mind, our workplace meditation programs give your managers and staff the techniques and skills needed to stay focused, think creatively, and relax quickly. We offer organisations of all sizes a custom designed strategy (including group programs and individual support) to ensure your investment in a staff well-being translates to a return.

Our corporate services aim to:

+ Teach managers and staff how to take a break when they can’t physically leave their workplace.
+ Teach techniques on how to relax one’s body and calm our mind, and
+ Help staff increase levels of focus, alertness and productivity.

Our training is based on scientific principles, it is straightforward, easily understood and practical. Everything in this program is developed specifically for use at work.

The techniques we offer your staff can be implemented anywhere at anytime. This allows for less down time as there’s no need to find a quiet, distraction free environment.

Business people practicing yoga in parkYour brand is your culture, and ultimately employees don’t leave jobs. They leave company culture.

When staff don’t feel valued they lose engagement and start looking elsewhere. Aim to reverse this sentiment by implementing regular group meditation sessions for your staff with The Nurtured Mind.


1) Boosted morale

Few things can improve team morale than when a member of staff knows their employer sees them as more than just an asset. When that employer takes an active role in improving their healthcare benefits, it gives the right message.

2) Increase retention

We live in a frantic world, and people know it. When an employer offers to pay for staff training in areas of health care and well-being (training that encourages staff to realise the importance of looking after themselves, for their own benefit, not just for the companies benefit) a level of loyalty and comradery is established between employer and employee.

3) Reduced absenteeism

The advantages of a modern corporate health plan do not merely extend to improving the employer’s image; there are tangible benefits, too, such as reducing the number of sick days. As a means of preventing stress related illnesses, more and more companies are endorsing staff services that promote rest and relaxation. This is a great strategy (and it is supported by the scientific evidence which shows that medication assists in reducing a variety of stress related illness).

Our corporate meditation programs are designed by business people for business people. As such, the techniques we offer are specifically designed to be suitable whilst at work. Whether that’s a busy meeting, a tense boardroom discussion, sitting in endless traffic, on a delayed flight… and everywhere in between.

We offer two packages to meet your businesses meditation needs:

  1. The Nurtured Mind can come to you. Our facilitator can meet with managers and staff at you workplace locations. This allows for meditation to be integrated into your company culture seamlessly.

  2. Your staff can come to us and they will receive meditation training from our expert meditation facilitator in our beautiful and convenient located sanctuary.

    Click here to contact us and discuss a program that best fits in with your goals, budget and time frame.