Introductory Offer

Take advantage of our introductory offer* and give your mind the extra attention it deserves

3 x 90 minute one-on-one sessions for $250.

*this is a once only offer for first time participants.

Golnar (57 of 138)Private consultations with our founder, Golnar Luzza will allow you to explore and develop your capacity to meditate in a personalised and relaxed atmosphere. The extra attention you will receive provides the spaciousness required to find ways of meditating that will work for you, ensuring that the style of practice is customised to your temperament, personality and any special requirements.

All private clients will receive access to exclusive guided meditation audio files recorded by Golnar to listen to at their convenience, as well as clear written correspondence outlining activities that can help bring harmony and ease to their everyday lives. Where possible, the audio files and written content is personalised for the clients requirements and preferences.

It can be equally beneficial to book a private session if you’re an advanced practitioner. This is a practical way for you to harness ‘beginners mind’ mentality; particularly useful for those who may have temporarily lost their meditating mojo.

We understand that life places different demands on each of us but when you commit to a regular and consistent meditation practice, whether it is once a week or everyday,  you will begin to notice a remarkable difference in your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

As you begin to live your life mindfully, you will begin to witness your inner world differently – your thoughts, emotions, sensations and mental processes – you will start to sleep better, be better able to cope with stressful situations, improve your self-esteem, renew your enthusiasm for life and work, and generally just feel better.

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