Everything works better when it’s unplugged for a few moments. This includes you.


Yeah sure, but while I’m “unplugging” who’s going to put food on the table, write that report, update my status, publish that post, screen my calls, check my emails, study for the stats. exam, change the baby, watch endless episodes of House of Cards, cook dinner, feed the dog, walk the dog, train for the half-marathon (with the dog), sweep, vacuum, mop, do the dishes, do the laundry, solve the missing sock mystery and just generally hold the fort in the rare event that, you know, The Apocalypse happens?


Greater awareness achieved through consistent meditation practice will change your perception towards your thoughts, feelings and your life. How? Well, having a clear understanding of what is actually happening, in real time and in the real world (your immediate world) will allow you to create your most truly desired outcomes. This isn’t just a pile of woo woo hippy stuff either people! Several peer reviewed articles published in reputable journals have shown that higher states of awareness are a result of several pathways in the brain working together optimally, especially pathways within a section of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. Neuroscientists have demonstrated via specialised brain scan imagery that ones prefrontal cortex is indeed more active during a meditative state. (read all about it here and here and here)

But why should any of this encourage you to ditch fretting about the end of the world, “unplug” for 10-20 minutes a day, and simply start meditating instead? Because the prefrontal cortex is largely responsible for will power, self-control, planning, complex behaviors, personal expression, judgments and flexible social behavior. Basically, when the functionality of the prefrontal cortex is enhanced, it gives you the ability; the INSIGHT required when making distinctions between random thoughts. When gently and consistently ushered away from the virtual reality tour of endless ‘what if’s’ and ‘but how’s, the mind is able to put hopes for the future into perspective. It will also bounce back from setbacks quickly, and it will hold back urges that do not serve you well. From this vantage point, your mind can get on with the task of getting you closer to whatever it is that your deepest heartfelt desire is. Simple.


Introductory Offer

Take advantage of our introductory offer* and give your mind the extra attention it deserves

3 x 90 minute one-on-one sessions for $250.

*this is a once only offer for first time participants.

Golnar (57 of 138)Private consultations with our founder, Golnar Luzza will allow you to explore and develop your capacity to meditate in a personalised and relaxed atmosphere. The extra attention you will receive provides the spaciousness required to find ways of meditating that will work for you, ensuring that the style of practice is customised to your temperament, personality and any special requirements.

All private clients will receive access to exclusive guided meditation audio files recorded by Golnar to listen to at their convenience, as well as clear written correspondence outlining activities that can help bring harmony and ease to their everyday lives. Where possible, the audio files and written content is personalised for the clients requirements and preferences.

It can be equally beneficial to book a private session if you’re an advanced practitioner. This is a practical way for you to harness ‘beginners mind’ mentality; particularly useful for those who may have temporarily lost their meditating mojo.

We understand that life places different demands on each of us but when you commit to a regular and consistent meditation practice, whether it is once a week or everyday,  you will begin to notice a remarkable difference in your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

As you begin to live your life mindfully, you will begin to witness your inner world differently – your thoughts, emotions, sensations and mental processes – you will start to sleep better, be better able to cope with stressful situations, improve your self-esteem, renew your enthusiasm for life and work, and generally just feel better.

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How Do I Meditate??

This is one of the most common questions we are asked at The Nurtured Mind.

Everyone wants to eradicate negative thought patterns and enjoy some inner peace and tranquility, but meditation just seems so… foreign.

Do I have to sit in some crazy yoga pose?
Do I have to chant?
Do I have to think about my breathing for hours to get any benefit?

The short answer to all of this is… NO!

Meditation is simply the act of focusing on one thought, feeling or sensation to the exclusion of all others. Sure, there are many different ways of achieving this (some more exotic than others) but at its core, meditation can be utterly simple.

It’s trying to get past the ‘thinking mind’, and into a deeper state of awareness.

It’s training our minds to focus on one thing. This is by far the most important point for beginners. Meditation is ‘dose dependent’ in that the more you practice, the more benefits you will notice.

At TNM we encourage all participants new to meditation to embark on their at-home meditation practice the same way they would approach a new training program at the gym. Easy does it!

You should always keep in mind that sometimes you’ll feel like you’re ‘getting it’ and other times you might just want to give up and eat pizza. This is normal. Don’t give up! Even when we feel like our meditation practice isn’t working, it is.

The Nurtured Mind can help you discover different styles of meditation that you can incorporate into your day easily, without adding to your schedule.

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Meditation: Just Do It

The flow on effects of meditation are incredibly positive.

By allowing ourselves time to unify our present moment awareness with our body sensations, feelings and overall perceptions of the world around us, we become more in tune with reality. With time, this awareness will increase allowing us to comprehend how we create the stories we tell ourselves. Meditation affords us the opportunity to fully comprehend how our minds are fashioning the meaning of events that take place around us. We begin to see that the beliefs we have around life events, ultimately, leads to how we construct the meaning of our lives.


 In essence, with awareness, we can re-frame our thinking.

In a nutshell:

+ Mindfulness is simply the art of being intensely aware of the present moment. Every moment.

+ The practice encourages the observation of thoughts and feelings without criticism.

+ Regular practice of meditation allows participants to become more compassionate with themselves.

+ Mindfulness and meditation practice allow us to identify negative thought patterns before they send us spinning out of control.

+ Scientific studies have demonstrated that memory improves, creativity increases and reaction times become faster.

+ Over time, mindfulness brings about stability in mood and levels of happiness and well-being increase.

Take a mindful moment to complete this quiz. It’s a great tool to establish if meditation can benefit you:

  • Do you find it difficult to stay focused on what’s happening moment to moment?
  • When traveling, do you always have the end point in mind – never really paying attention to what you experience along the way
  • Are you inattentive when completing routine daily activities?
  • Are you preoccupied with events that happened in the past or imaginings about the future?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we invite you to open to the idea that you might be unwittingly daydreaming your life away.

Meditation is definitely for you!

The Nurtured Mind is committed to helping people explore a wide variety of meditation and relaxation techniques so that they can assess for themselves which style of practice best suits them.

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