How Do I Meditate??

This is one of the most common questions we are asked at The Nurtured Mind.

Everyone wants to eradicate negative thought patterns and enjoy some inner peace and tranquility, but meditation just seems so… foreign.

Do I have to sit in some crazy yoga pose?
Do I have to chant?
Do I have to think about my breathing for hours to get any benefit?

The short answer to all of this is… NO!

Meditation is simply the act of focusing on one thought, feeling or sensation to the exclusion of all others. Sure, there are many different ways of achieving this (some more exotic than others) but at its core, meditation can be utterly simple.

It’s trying to get past the ‘thinking mind’, and into a deeper state of awareness.

It’s training our minds to focus on one thing. This is by far the most important point for beginners. Meditation is ‘dose dependent’ in that the more you practice, the more benefits you will notice.

At TNM we encourage all participants new to meditation to embark on their at-home meditation practice the same way they would approach a new training program at the gym. Easy does it!

You should always keep in mind that sometimes you’ll feel like you’re ‘getting it’ and other times you might just want to give up and eat pizza. This is normal. Don’t give up! Even when we feel like our meditation practice isn’t working, it is.

The Nurtured Mind can help you discover different styles of meditation that you can incorporate into your day easily, without adding to your schedule.

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