We are Melbourneā€™s premium boutique relaxation and meditation sanctuary.

At The Nurtured Mind we are proud to be supporters of mindfulness and meditation practices for people firmly planted in the modern world.

The training we offer is the product of considerable research. On this basis, we can say with confidence that mindfulness and meditation training At The Nurtured Mind:

  • enhances focus and attention
  • increases self-awareness and the awareness of others
  • raises levels of resilience and emotional intelligence
  • strengthens cognitive effectiveness

The skills we teach enable you to:

  • listen attentively
  • be emotionally aware
  • communicate clearly
  • direct your thoughts appropriately
  • focus your mind with consistency
  • relax yourself effectively


Our meditation sessions a free of religious content and spiritual hype. We offer practical advice which stems from scientific methodology. Our advice is tailored to our client’s needs, and which they can incorporate into their every day lives. We help our clients incorporateĀ  relaxation, mindfulness and meditation into their lives so it is not difficult, uncomfortable or imposing.

It is wise for those new to meditation to remember one important point before embarking on their practice: meditation is like going to the gym. Although you will most likely feel great after leaving your initial class, you should not expect immediate results. If you stick with the practice and meditate regularly at home as well as in class, it will change your life.

This article offers a summary of several different styles of meditation practice. Alternatively, you will find a list of articles written by our founder at the bottom of this screen.

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